Front page makeup

How exciting, ‘the first edition’ of Lakes & Cumbria Wedding Magazine and I am asked to be the make-up artist for the cover model.

The venue was Forest Side Hotel in Grasmere, and it was an early start for hair and makeup! We had been given a colour board and Pinterest board of ideas and a theme which I was asked to work with. I would usually go for a contrast to a bouquet, but as this was a magazine it’s slightly different to ‘real life’.

My gorgeous blond model was a pleasure to work with, and didn’t have any particular likes or dislikes. As the theme for the cover was purples and berry, we needed this stand out so I went for a very modern eye-catching look to make the magazine stand out and grab your attention!

After being topped up with copious coffees (MUAs and stylists basically survive on coffee and chocolate).

We created look one, and off she headed with Camilla Lucinda for the first set of images.

I used lots of luminous, brightening products on the skin as she was going to be photographed on a white background for many of the pics. The model had her own semi-permanent lashes applied a few weeks prior, and these can be difficult to photograph if they’re growing out as it can show on camera; we had a little spooly to comb through and fortunately they did look fine on camera. (Mascara shouldn’t be applied to this type of lash)

Bridal Makeup by Keseme Goodwin, Cumbria UK.jpg

Ashley Taylor from Greg Malloy was lead hair stylist and created some incredible styles which looked stunning both on and off camera (hair envy!)

Calligraphy by Moon & Tide also had a colour board and stunning invitations to be photographed, so whilst we changed lip colour, Camilla got to work on this.

And that’s a wrap...

The day couldn’t have gone better. I had a sneak preview of the pics and they looked fab. Lots of stunning images captured for the magazine and we are all excited to see the issue in print.