Pre-Wedding Skincare

Let’s get started and think about our skincare routine. For most of my brides (and most women who are busy) it is not ‘a concern’, but it soon will be - after we chat!

My career started because of my interest in skincare product ingredients. There are hundreds of products on the market, from high street brands to high level merchandise, all claiming to transform your skin within a few weeks. (If you mention facial wipes, I may cry.)

First things first

What you wash your face with, sets the bar for everything applied afterwards. You could use a £300 face cream, but if you’re using the wrong face wash, and stripping the natural PH, you won’t have positive results in a hurry, it will simply put back the natural oil you’ve just stripped off. 
Without being too science-y (I know that’s not a word), if your skin is oily/shiny/prone to breakouts, then you need a balancing facial wash, a water-based moisturiser and if you’re over 25, a light gel eye cream. 
For dry/mature/dehydrated skin types, a milky cleanser and a rich facial cream, and eye cream again if over 25, are all you should need initially.

Keep it simple - skin likes stability

For the ultimate pre-wedding skin preparation, a facial 1 x per month in the 3-6 months before the big day is ideal. The beauty salon will prescribe a specific facial for your skin type.
“Microdermabrasion” is a non-surgical super deep exfoliation which is perfect for acne prone or acne scarring, and “Dermalogica” or “Guinot” facials are very results- driven (not just a relaxing face rub!)

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PRO Skincare Routine

If you’re going to get serious about this skin routine, and I hope you are, adding in an exfoliating treatment once per week such as Pixi 5% tonic will have a dramatic effect on any flaky patches. It will also get rid of dead skin cells so your moisturiser can get deeper and do the work. Exfoliators with the little sand/grainy bits are a thing of the past now, it’s all about the gentle acids to remove the dead skin cells.  If you’re not removing the dead cells, you’re basically moisturising the dead instead of the good! ‘Dermalogica power vitamin recovery mask’ is rich in raspberry extract which will brighten and tone the skin dramatically even after 15 mins :-)

Before your wedding day

The week before the big day avoid any clay type masks as they will draw out impurities and you don’t want a break out on the big day. And please please… use a good lip balm!  Nothing worse than flaky lips that are all dry.

So… In a nutshell


The skin shouldn’t in theory need to be cleansed again as you’ve taken ‘the day off’ last night with a double cleanse. Apply a little tonic or rose water (super cheap) then moisturiser and eye cream.


Thoroughly wash/cleanse the skin, apply a good oil then both moisturiser and an eye cream. 


Use mask and exfoliation weekly. (Pixi tonic is ideal…)

If you are getting married soon and you have concerns about your skin, please leave me a comment below. I will be happy to help. =)