Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.
— Bobbi Brown
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2019 Makeup Trends

In 2019 brides seem to be stepping away from colour themed/colour matching makeup, instead they are going for a much more natural look, choosing colours which enhance their individual features. For example historically bridesmaids may have had a lavender coloured dress and opted for a mauve/purple eyeshadow colour, but this doesn’t always suit everyone. Today is more about flawless light makeup to bring out the best of the individual’s natural features. As a makeup artist it’s technically harder to do a ‘no makeup, makeup’ as the application is much more precise and blended.

Wave bye to the heavy contour and huge lash fad as it is looking a bit dated nowadays; simply go for a more timeless classic look.

Megan Markle has certainly set a trend for natural makeup, embracing freckles and letting the skin look alive not caked in thick contour or too much shine.

Less is more for 2019, by Keseme Goodwin.


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